Tuesday, March 17, 2015

LunaAVR no longer free for commercial use.

Well, the author worked hard for this and now, that LunaAVR got the deserved attention, he must get his reward. Nothing wrong with this. Especially that the price is right for a professional with a lot of contracts.

What it remains for us, the "freeloaders"? A full featured LunaAVR, without restrictions for anything non-commercial. And that is still amazing in a world where all other commercial compilers/languages have ridiculous restrictions for non-commercial zone.

I still have the old stable version with a permissive license, but that means almost nothing, as I always want the latest, full featured version of  LunaAVR. Guys, even in this form, I really believe that is worth to download it, as long as there are still no limitations.

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