Monday, January 19, 2015

Wiring 1.0 is now on Build 101

But only for Mac and Windows. Linux is still on hold... waiting from 28 October 2014 ... Not many changes, but a very important one: avr-gcc 4.7.3. This will assure at least a more compact code.

The IDE comes with the possibility to display a schematic (as a PNG image) for every project so the user can have a better general "picture" about the project. And I like the IDE colors much more than those of the Arduino IDE.

Another important feature is a better support for 40 pin Atmel microcontrollers. Too bad the Wiring project is not updated more frequently - all Arduino enthusiasts must know the roots of Arduino project by trying Wiring. Just telling a story about Arduino's history is not enough (or fair).

I had hopes that the promise they made on the first page will be honoured,  but it seems that they are short on man power (it is a pity that this great project lives in obscurity):

"The current AVR8 Core supports the Wiring hardware and any hardware based on the AVR atmega processors. AVR Xmega, AVR Tiny, TI MSP430, Microchip PIC24/32 Series and STM M3 ARM Cores will be available soon."

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