Monday, July 21, 2014

The long awaited PMP 2.0 has arrived

Finally, the Pic Micro Pascal 2.0 is available for download on Philippe Paternotte's site! Didn't tested it yet at full capacity, but at first sight it comes with a lot of goodies! This is what I saw until now:
  • we now have non-blocking delays based on TMR0 - a much improved version ported from Jallib. It allows us to write multitasking applications;
  • we have USB libraries and examples for CDC, HID and MSD - this is an awesome and much desired addition and no longer a reason to migrate to mikroe compilers, JAL or any other compiler/language with USB support;
  • a new project for a stepper driver;
  • the IDE detects and make use of an MPLAB X installation.
From the PMP documentation I extracted even more information:
  • first of all, the IDE editor is completely new, it is now based on the Scintilla editor. Lot of new functionalities, code folding for example;
  • a new great functionality is to display the device's common package pin-out and the ability to manage datasheets, with a mechanism for downloading directly the documents from Microchip's site and check for updates... Also an improved registers display;
  • the compiler comes with a new database of devices characteristics and is no more using .DEV and .INC files. .LKR files are still used. Now GPUTILS may be fully used without MPLAB installed;
  • the compiler has been partially rewritten to manage dead code removal. That was the bigger work. 

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