Saturday, May 18, 2013

Pic Micro Pascal 2.0 - a fantastic alternative to commercial compilers

Philippe Paternotte is working from some time at the 2.0 version of Pic Micro Pascal, and that means a completely rewritten engine which will provide full dead code removal among other things. I recommended PMP in the past to many friends and strangers on the web but I don't know how many ended up adopting it, and the main obstacle was the absence of DCR. Well, is no more the case!

But great changes are also made at the IDE level, which come with a new syntax highlighting engine with folding code. The project sidebar come with a lot of  information regarding to your sources and libraries used. On the libraries side, Philippe is "threatening" us with a lot of goodies, like USB CDC communications as you can see in the screenshot bellow:

Anyway, you can know more form Philippe's own words:

Some great new functionalities:
-       A new editor (Scintilla-based): code folding, better highlighters, more options...
-       DCR is fully operational.
-       Data reuse algorithms to share RAM addresses.
-       PMP now uses its own devices database (fast, only 5.8Mb) that comes with the installation; it is built once on my computer by a program tool that extracts information from the *.pic files.
-       PMP generates automatically the device’s include file and linker script from its database, but may use a user defined one.
-       PMP does not need the installed suite data files anymore (MPLAB or GPUTILS), it uses only the assembler and the linker.
-       Many languages additions.

At bottom left, a new ultimate device characteristics tool management:
-       I’ve managed to definitely extract all the useful information from the MCHP files, so you have :
o    The piece of cake: Pinouts, Voltages, …
o    And the icing on the cake: It shows and displays automatically the datasheets & other specifications, with the possibility to use pdf files on your disk and to automatically download the latest version from Microchip’s site…

PMP v2.0 will come out in a couple of weeks and is worth waiting for it.

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