Saturday, October 08, 2011

The new EasyPIC 7 board from mikroElektronika

Finally, a much better design. With version 6, the team only demonstrated that they can make pretty boards but now is definitely something else (they named the previous one "such an amazing board as EasyPIC6"  - a little bit embarrassing in my opinion). I see some important points on the new design:

  1. LEDs and buttons are inline with the ports of the microcontroller - no longer a confusing matrix arrangement and this improve the usage experience;
  2. USB connection for both USB and non-USB microcontrollers - the last group having an USB to serial converter on board;
  3. Great configurability for the peripherals on board, specially for the two potentiometers;
  4. A powerful 18F45K22 microcontroller on board - by little it wasn't a 18F46K22...;
  5. And, you can't miss it, a protective case for the in-board programmer (the programmer can be bypassed in favor of an external one).
Of course, there is more. It is a much better board with enhanced connectivity but still lacks a real-time clock, an infrared sensor and a SD/MMC card connector. See it on his page.

P.S. It would be great to have a ZIF socket at least for the 40pin microcontrollers.A student version can be made as here.

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