Thursday, October 13, 2011

gEDA tools, gschem and PCB, a team not for beginners

I made some projects with PCB in the past but never using gschem - were about small projects. But is "dangerous" without a net list. So, I started a dummy project to try them again.

The netlist does not help you much (at least, is not interactive as in KiCAD) but is better than nothing. And, if you want to use the autorouter, then the netlist is the only way.

The transition from schematic to pcb is not smooth because the gschem and PCB are not integrated at all and you have to process the schematic file using a "translation" tool from a text console. Many times, editing gschem components is a must if you want to match a footprint from your PCB library, but the process is not done entirely visual - "hacking" is required.  

Again, not for beginners. Too much "UNIX style" for them. Still, the PCB can render a nice photo of your board :) . It  will be great if it will be able to use the components and schematics of KiCAD...

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