Sunday, October 09, 2011

cpik PIC18F C compiler is moving again!

Update: you can download the new version 0.6.0-2 from author's site.

Things started to move again for cpik C compiler!!! cpik is an open source C compiler for PIC18F microcontrollers. How it differ from SDCC? It is a "native" PIC18F C compiler - this means that it was specially written for Microchip 18F microcontrollers and, not an adaptation as is SDCC which was written primarily (and continue to be developed mainly) for another type of microcontroller. I may say that cpik is the only open-source native C compiler for PIC18F microcontrollers.

Alain Gibaud (the author) wrote on his site: Josef Pavlik is a new contributor to the cpik project who has developed a lot of new features for version 0.5.3. Thanks to Josef, this version is a real improvement over the previous one.

-in version 0.5.3 (Marie Jeanne Gabrielle):

* Bug fixes in code and run-time library,
* Run-time library improvement,
* New pin.h header for easy manipulation of I/O ports thru symbolic names,
* Improved LCD library with pin configuration from C code,
* Dead code elimination in the case of loops or test with constant conditions,
* Optimisation of static data initialization, using the program sections concept,
* Post-compilation branch optimizer that generally reduces the code by 10%,
* Implementation of the enum declarator,
* Implementation of the switch instruction: this implementation is efficient and provides a near * constant-time case selection,
* Support for data located in ROM, with different access mechanisms,
* And more..

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