Saturday, September 18, 2010

A new release of FreeBasic compiler

A new version of FreeBasic compiler, 0.21.1 is available for download from site. It come with many language improvements and fixes and, what is most important for me, the multiplatform support is extended. The developer started adding support for OpenBSD, Darwin (this mean Mac OS), NetBSD - not yet archives for these Operating Systems. Currently, only DOS, Windows and Linux are supported.

I can say is worth a look. Is nice to have a free and fast multiplatform system development for small and medium applications - electronics is my zone of interest, where the compiler can be used to create logging applications, robotic control software, etc. .

FreeBASIC is a completely free, open-source, 32-bit BASIC compiler, with syntax similar to MS-QuickBASIC, that adds new features such as pointers, unsigned data types, inline assembly, object orientation, and many others.

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