Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Steppers arrived!

Yes!!! Package arrived after few glitches in the distribution network (I almost gave up!). Three stepper motors, 1.85Nm, 1.8gr, 3Amp, 8 wires, unipolar, serial bipolar, parallel bipolar, double shaft.

Many thanks to my sponsors, God bless them:

  • Floarea Suciu-Teoh - Canada
  • Marieta Suciu - Cluj, Romania
  • Petru Suciu - Cluj, Romania 

More details and datasheet here.

In response to Alexis (see comments bellow):

You can grab missing libraries from:
- http://smisioto.no-ip.org/sysop/kicad.htm <-- good to have all libs.
- http://www.kicadlib.org/, <-- only PIC18F2550 and 4550

Kicad files you can download them from here.


  1. Wow! Super tare.
    CE fac motorasele astea?

  2. Motorasele astea se invart altfel decat motorasele obisnuite. Astea fac pasi, si au nevoie de 200 de pasi pentru a face o rotatie completa. Pasesc in functie de impulsurile primite (de fapt, actionarea lor e un pic altfel, dar in general asa se zice). Sunt foarte eficiente la pozitionari exacte a unei freze ce se deplaseaza pe trei axe (X,Y,Z). Dupa ce ai construit (sau adaptat una existenta) o astfel de masina cu comanda numerica, prima grija este sa vezi cati pasi sunt necesari pentru a deplasa freza un inch pe o anumita axa. Apoi este simplu sa calculezi pasii necesari pentru deplasari exacte, de anumite lungimi.

  3. In pagina asta ai un exemplu despre cum trebuie activate bobinele motorului pentru a obtine rotatia in jumatati de pasi.

  4. Sorry for de of-topic but u have the kicad files for ur desing for pinguino tiny with power pupply? http://jpmandon.blogspot.com/2010/03/yet-another-design-for-pinguino.html, i really, really like this desing

  5. Hi Alexis,

    Yes, I have the files but also I sent them to Jean-Pierre. I think he had no time until now. Note that also I had no time to make the board for tests.

    Also, you will need some additional libraries. Look on this article, I will post an image for you to see which libraries are missing from a standard installation and from where to grab them.

  6. si ce faci cu motoarele alea?