Sunday, March 14, 2010

PCB failure!

Well this had to be FreeJALduino v.04 board. Started to solder ICSP socket and 20MHz crystal, then at 18F2550 socket I saw that the paper with the toner was not sticked perfectly. 18F2550 socket and Arduino sockets are not scaled right. PCB failure :( !

And I destroyed a bunch of 0.7mm bits with this board... arrrgh!


It is clear that, until I will have my CNC Router, the strategy must be changed. I will continue to use toner transfer method (using the support paper of labels as press-and-peel paper) but for holes I need a hard, transparent plastic as template.

What I have in mind? The plastic cover from a CD box. Printing the traces on a normal paper, pointing the holes with a needle, sticking the paper on plastic cover and making holes. If everything was made ok, then the plastic cover will be used as template for making holes on a pcb, even if this pcb have not so good aligned traces. If holes are in right places (it's important for shields), this is all what matters.

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