Wednesday, March 10, 2010

FXiTe - an incredibly easy to configure programmer editor

Compile the jal file.

Erasing the board - note the three toolbar buttons, "compile", "erase", "upload".

Uploading the hex file using Albert's python uploader.

It is a nice programmer editor written by Jeffrey Pohlmeyer using FOX Toolkit cross platform libraries. All things important to a JAL programmer can be configured from "Preferences dialog": syntax (keywords, operators, attributes, identifiers, colors), new commands in "Tools" menu and in toolbar. You really don't need to modify the source code. Anyway, I did it for JAL files so, you need only to set desired colors and commands (for compilation) - I will provide executables for SUSE LInux, Windows Vista and Mac OS X 10.4 ppc for those don't want to add required JAL keywords in "Preferences dialog". For those which don't want to wait, from "Preferences dialog", in Syntax tab, select "vhdl" language to modify it for JAL language. A tutorial will follow when I will have enough time - but is really easy to do your modifications.

Why not Qt? It is a big library and depends on user to download it and to install it right. And is not working right on Mac PowerPC processors. And not time from my part for an application written from zero.

Ok, enough time spent for this, back to finish my boards and PC application for my USB CNC Router.

FXiTe original code source.

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