Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Qt under Mac OS X 10.4 for PowerPC

Update Feb 17, 2010: Qt4.6.0 trow errors at compilation. Installed 4.5.3 already compiled and QWriter compile nicely:

Update, even later:No luck with Qt4.6.0 sources - only Cocoa versions :(. I will try it anyway...
He, he, found it! Sources have a different file name. So, it will be possible!

Update, later: Qt4.5.3 compile ok! Next, Qt4.6.0 to test.

Original article: I wanted to compile QWriter and I downloaded Qt4.6.0 with Qt Creator but no luck. All examples and projects are trying to link for i386 processors (from inside Qt Creator). So I downgraded to 4.5.3 but still no luck - same problem. So, to get started, I downloaded the sources for 4.5.3 version and until now, the compiled projects works well (Qt still under compilation, as you can see in picture).

I will not install it yet, I will try also Qt4.6.0 sources and if it goes well, it will be my choice (I downloaded the sources of KBasic and I want to give it a try but require Qt4.6.0).

Here, "Colliding mice", a drawing qt application with Qt4.5.3.

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