Friday, December 25, 2009

Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Express Editions

I downloaded the DVD with Visual Studio 2008 Express Editions which contain Visual C#, Visual Basic, Visual C++, Visual Web Developer. Why? From two reasons:

  • Because many time when you find an interesting open source project you need one of these tools (VC++ more than the others);
  • Because Embarcaderro don't offer anymore Turbo products for free: Turbo Delphi, Turbo C++. I was fast enough to register my Turbo Delphi but not fast enough for Turbo C++ :( .

So now I have them and the starting program looks like this:

Anyway, I like to program in Linux more than on any other operating system. But when you want your program to be available for others, you must think at multiplatform development. So, I made another DVD with all tools available for the three main platforms, Linux, Windows, Mac. : Lazarus, Qt Creator with Qt libraries 4.6.0, Open Watcom (Not Mac but OS/2), Python with wxWindows 2.8 and Qt graphical interfaces.

Personally, I consider Qt libraries as the best libraries ever created. I wanted to buy them but was too expensive for me. Fortunately, Nokia made them available for free. Thank you Nokia!


  1. Hi Vasi,

    Qt, when owned by Trolltech, was already available as dual licensing, as it is now with Nokia (opensouce + commercial). By that time, you was already able to build open source software with it (but commercial app. needed commercial license). Remember KDE is based on Qt, and they didn't wait for Nokia :) (and that's why many guys prefer a truly/fully opensource WM such as Gnome). I think Nokia added LGPL allowing commercial app. to be freely developed.

    About Qt itself, indeed these are well designed and amazingly well documented libraries. Python bindings aren't that good IMO compared with other cross-platform GUI tookit where python built-in types are better kept in the core. I recently wanted to build a GUI app with Qt + Qwt, using python bindings, and the results was huge nightmare while compiling all those libs (mostly because of Qwt). Deployment would have been a real p.i.t.a for users...