Thursday, October 08, 2009

FreeJALduino MEGA v3 for gEDA PCB

And FreeJALduino MEGA v.3 based on PIC18F4550 is ready as a board for gEDA PCB, my favorite PCB designer.
- Up to 29 digital I/O where 13 can be used as analog inputs;
- 3mm Green LED on 5v external power;
- 3mm Red LED on A4 - required by Pinguino bootloader;
- 3mm Blue (can be any colour you want) Testing LED on [Digital 13] pin, enabled/disabled via a jumper;
- A connector to fix 100milis problem;
- LM3940 (3.3 volt regulator) on board

Don't worry about the color of the traces, here are only two layers.

The bottom layer is looking much better now. Don't use this image for making your PCB!
Of course, you can get the file from the svn.

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