Sunday, September 06, 2009

Pinguino roadmap

After releasing Pinguino beta 7, Jean-Pierre Mandon posted on his discussion group the roadmap for the next versions:

Quote from Jean-Pierre:

already on my desk:
- FreeJALduino integration
- servo-motors function ( already done, to be integrated in the IDE, 4 outputs )
- count on a pin function
- shield drawing ( 2,4 Ghz transceiver, ethernet )

for next versions:
- support of PIC32 ( started but hard work !! )
- more and more shields
- new hardware with 3,3V power supply
- new functions in the editor
- example of USB interface with other langages ( LUA, Python )
- how to interface pinguino with other embedded systems ( FONERA, Linksys... )
- translation of tutorial in portuguese, spanish and maybe french...

You are encouraged to discuss it here.

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