Thursday, September 03, 2009

FreeJALduino test: blink a LED with Pinguino

Yes! It's working! I confess, I was afraid it will not work :-P. It use bootloader v2 and a modified version of Pinguino 6 of Jean-Pierre Mandon. Thank you again Jean-Pierre! I will use Pinguino for a CNC Router (from RepRap project) and more...

On some projects (USB PIC programmer, Windmill controller) I will use also jallib package with the bootloader and PC hosting application from Albert (jallib development team).

If you plan to program this board with Pinguino, just wait for the next release of Pinguino IDE from Jean-Pierre Mandon which will include support for this board. Otherwise, you can program it with any other pic programing language on the market.


- FreeJALduino project page.
- Pinguino project page.
- Pinguino Blog.
- Pinguino Tutorials.
- Jallib code page.
- Jallib blog.


  1. Bravo, felicitari!
    Deci functioneste :)

  2. Inca nu am testat-o asa cum trebuie insa merge. Ma gandesc deja la surata ei mai mare (Mega) care e mai bine dotata.