Sunday, September 13, 2009

FreeJALduino - Fritzing component

Just added FreeJALduino board as a component for Frizting for easy prototyping. You can download it from this page, at attachments at the bottom.


Oops! Forgot about the anchors! Repaired for the breadboard part. Actually, the breadboard and pcb parts are ok. The schematic needs intervention. Later... As is now the part can be used for breadboarding and PCB-ing single-sided shields. And I intend to use it in tutorials. Download the file again - is at version 2 now. I hope soon to fix also the schematic part.

The component is for 0.3.6 (b3340 2009-08-14) version of Fritzing (scaled down a little because of some stupid hidden objects...).

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