Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My components just arrived ...

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Many thanks to my sponsor, my brother Pety!

Now I can start building my FreeJALduino USB development board. This board will be supported by Pinguino IDE (Arduino language) provided by Jean-Pierre Mandon which have also a very nice board (right now, the IDE is working only with his board). It even can have Processing support with pinguino library.

Also, it can use the USB bootloader of Albert (which is member of Jallib development team), JALv2 compiler and jallib libraries together.

Of course, you can use any PIC Programming Language on the market but see first if it provide USB CDC support.

I hope it will became a popular board. Anyway, it will be useful for me.

Planned projects for this board: USB ICSP PIC programmer, USB Windmill/Solar controller/logger, USB CNC Router. As shields, of course ;-)

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