Wednesday, July 15, 2009

How to make Sun rays without using Photoshop

And without waiting for special conditions as fog. My wife made a small fire to burn some foliage and when she saw the sun rays, she took some pictures.

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Copyright, Guta Ciucur, Elena


  1. Iar pungasii de la primarie vor sa ne-o taie pentru ca le-au sticlit ochii cand au vazut ce inalti si grosi s-au facut salcamii. Si culmea este ca cei din spatele gardului de la padure se afla pe o parcela de pamant aflat in proprietatea noastra. Degeaba exista acte, nici nu vor sa le ia in considerare. Au pus chiar si paznici...

    Mi-e scarba de autoritatile romane. Sunt mai pungasi si mai cruzi decat pe vremea lui Ceausescu.

    Doamna Rodica,
    Mutati-va in Texas ca acolo sunt terenurile ieftine (din cauza calamitatilor) si puteti planta propria padure in miniatura. Sau mai in nord...

  2. hey vasile, how are you doing,
    very creative wife, the smoke make the woods mistyic atmospher.
    awesome day my friend

  3. Hi Moshe, glad to "see" you!
    We are fine. We was busy this summer (still are).
    Yes my wife is more active than me regarding to photography (with better photos).
    :) A wood populated by elvish people.
    Awesome day to you,