Sunday, May 31, 2009

New (finally) theme for my blog

I have Sasha's permission to use his theme for my projects. So, I ported it to Blogger Classic Template and replaced my old theme. I know now I dont have the navigator (still, you can easily navigate through articles with the help of "Archives" combo box from right sidebar) but when I will have enough time I will port the theme to Blogger Layout (for my use, of course).

The theme is looking good on following (modern) web browsers:
- Internet Explorer 7 (with little error) and Internet Explorer 8 (correct);
- Firefox and all Gecko based browsers;
- Safari;
- Opera;
- Chrome.

The theme is not looking right on:
- Internet Explorer 6 and smaller versions (consider making an upgrade for best web browsing experience.)

Thank you very much Sasha Ramich! You did a great job with this theme.

This is Sasha's actual site theme. Click on image to go on his site:


  1. Foarte frumoasa tema. Are niste culori foarte odihnitoare

  2. Da, imi place paleta de culori. Sasha este bun la ce face :) .