Tuesday, November 18, 2008

TurboCNC, the best choice

Under DOS operating system, of course. Can drive up to 8 axes and very smooth. This time, is about Turbo Pascal application. Yes, it's free. In fact, is shareware but full functional. If you buy it, you get also the sources. And this is the strongest temptation for clients. You can download it from this page.

turbocnc main screen
The main screen under Dosbox emulator.

TurboCNC axis setup
And one of the setup dialogs.

old computer
Here, I'm trying to revive an old PC, that was given to me (my brother Pety).

TurboCNC on my old PC
And here is the first test under that old PC, from a bootable DVD. Not yet a HDD, did not find yet a working one... And next, a little CNC Router...

Still curious about CNCPro source, not looked into yet...

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