Saturday, November 15, 2008

Tree frog

tree frogYesterday I was with my daughter in the forest from our backyard. We stopped to a brook and my daughter saw a little green tree frog. We captured it and took it home. Is good to have tree frogs on your garden because is like a bodyguard for your plants and trees.

Ieri am fost cu fica mea Lorena in padurea din spatele casei si ne-am oprit langa un mic paraias plin cu broscute. Spre incantarea Lorenei. Tot plimbandu-ne pe malul lui, Lorena a zarit in iarba un brotacel pe care l-am prins si l-am adus acasa. E de dorit sa ai asa ceva in gradina, pentru ca te scapa de multi daunatori...

tree frog

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