Tuesday, November 18, 2008

KPicasa for sNews

I have a work in progress, a port from Wordpress. Is about KPicasa. For Wordpress, you can download it from here. Author's site is here and demo site is here.

Not much right now! Only a single function. No settings in control panel, no language variables, no pagination. The plug-in is hardly crippled. But mechanism is working! I'm glad...

How you use it? After you click on a thumbnail, you can use arrow buttons from your keyboard for navigation and escape button for closing the zoomed image. Or you can use only the mouse. At your choice. Go, read more to see the gallery in action - so far.

Attention! The gallery is using highslide (something like lightbox) so, you need javascript enabled.

Update 1 Aug. 2008:

The port is almost ready and can be seen in action here. No pagination yet, but soon...

Update 3 Aug. 2008:

The pagination is ready and working nice. I must make the control panel for settings and I'm done. :P For now, the number of photos per page is manually set to 30.

Update 31 May, 2009:

Now, KPicasa is available for sNews 1.7. Go here to download it.

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