Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The forest at sunset

Now, we have very hot days, and when sunset come, the air is starting to cool, refreshing us. I made another "journey" in the forest and made some pictures.

the sunset light coming down on the forest

The grass is burned by a hot sun and the absence of rain. Our gardens look almost the same because we have problems with water...

grass burned by the sun

With this one I wanted to make you fill the heat of the day.

still too hot day

On one of forest's paths we found a dead zool. Maybe she died trying to find some water...

we found a dead zool

But is getting dark...

is getting dark...

And is almost dark when we are back on village's main street. At this time, the street is full of childrens, comming out from their houses, playing each other and you can hear them until 22:00 - 23:00 (they are in vacation).

childrens are outside

I can tell you, we have beautiful springs but the summers are not like in the past, are too hot and no rain and I don't know why.

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