Thursday, November 20, 2008


I found another free, open source CNC software. It works only on Win95/98 and you have sources if you want to make modifications/improvements. At installation moment, when it ask for key, enter 0000 and you are ready to go.

You can downlod it from here

E Z CNC is an old software program which communicates to your motor drives, through your PC parallel port (printer port), only under Windows 95/98. Since it is only capable to work under Windows 95/98, and is no longer supported, it is free for all to download . It may be used to produce step and direction pulses with ramping for up to 3 motors, senses 3 home switches, and the E-stop button for emergency situations. All signals to and from the port are (TTL), which is compatible with almost any driver/translator found today. Also pins to the parallel port can be configured to almost any desired configuration. Switches can be enabled or disabled, switched to negative or positive pulse by the click of a mouse button.

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