Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Blender3D for CAD/CAM

Blender is already used as a visualisation tool for architects (ok, maybe only few of them). And, if you need it for such, then here and here are good places for start with.

But what if you have one of these:
carving machine
and you want custom patterns? Well, you can find here a good tutorial. You will learn how to make this kind of image
step one
which will be translated by the machine into a nice piece of carved wood
step two

But for CAD/CAM is not enough. Is very possible to make in python a translation script for a CNC Router but for this you need to have a measurement system (still you can use Blender units if you have a deadline). And things are changing. For 2.50 version are already planned some of these requirements.

Don't read below

Next, are various photo storage tests, without link to current article.

A fast flickr test.

And a MSLive test.

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