Thursday, November 20, 2008

Be "Planet Positive" but do not steal...

"Planet Positive is a global movement to tackle climate change. It is for each one of us, the products we buy, and the homes that we live in. And Planet Positive goes further; it is also for our towns, cities, our countries and most importantly it is for OUR world.

Wherever you see this insignia, the Planet Positive mark, you know that the person, product, business or city has measured and reduced its carbon footprint, and more. It has gone beyond neutral by offsetting the remaining footprint by at least 110%.

We can make a difference to climate change. We can become Planet Positive. It is about a positive mindset and taking positive action. It is a Planet Positive way of life."

Anyway, here is a problem with his logo: is almost identical with logo - and here is about stealing from Blender. Where is the honor?

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