Monday, February 23, 2015

CNC-ing gears with Inkscape and MakerCAM

For CNC 2.5d operations you can use also free software as Inkscape and MakerCAM. Fast and easy. Thanks +drez20001

Monday, January 19, 2015

Wiring 1.0 is now on Build 101

But only for Mac and Windows. Linux is still on hold... waiting from 28 October 2014 ... Not many changes, but a very important one: avr-gcc 4.7.3. This will assure at least a more compact code.

The IDE comes with the possibility to display a schematic (as a PNG image) for every project so the user can have a better general "picture" about the project. And I like the IDE colors much more than those of the Arduino IDE.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Alternatives in programming the AVR microcontrollers

As a long time PIC programmer, spoiled by the bit support in, I think, all the compilers available, free or not, going to AVRs it was quite a shock to see what "enormities" I had to write to assign a value to a pin using the features provided by the avr-gcc compiler.

By example, in a code of a graphic LCD library, to set or clear the "chip select" pin, you had to write:

#define GLCD_CMD_PORT   PORTA        // Command Output Register
#define GLCD_CSEL1      0x03        // CS1 Bit Number
#define GLCD_CSEL2      0x04        // CS2 Bit Number

GLCD_CMD_PORT |= 0x01 << GLCD_CSEL1; // select chip 1
GLCD_CMD_PORT &= ~(0x01 << GLCD_CSEL2); // deselect chip 2

MCEDIT has JAL colored syntax

For the guys who don't know yet (I didn't knew until recently), the Midnight Commander (a superb console file manager like Norton COmmander) editor come with colored syntax for the JAL language. With a file that can be edited, for those who don't like some of the colors.

Tuesday, January 06, 2015


Hi guys! Do you know or remember Firewing? It is an Arduino like board based on PIC18F's, PIC24 and PIC32 microcontrollers, accompanied by an excellent, free VB.NET compiler.

Firewing board for PIC18F

Friday, December 05, 2014

Microchip rumors and Mikroelektronika new products

In a few years, Microchip will release all his compilers for free, giving his partners enough time to change their compiler businesses!

This rumor is already old and I bet not many of us tend to believe it but, looking at Mikroelektronika, you will see that their PIC compilers haven't been updated in a long time, and that they are switching slowly to other microcontroller brands.

The most recent boards are